3LAB Routine


Use your 3LAB cleanser of choice.
For optimal results we recommend double cleansing your skin, first to remove makeup and secondly to cleanse your skin.

Use Perfect Cleansing Scrub to nudge out stubborn impurities such as blackheads and clogged pores caused by excess makeup. Gentle enough for daily use.




For dry and combination skin use Perfect Beautifying Toner to clarify, refresh, and tone the skin. Not only will this toner leave your skin absolutely clean, but feeling smooth and comfortable. For all skin types we recommending Perfect Balancing Toner, to hydrate, stimulate and restore
the skin to its normal ph.




This is a vital step for everyone to maximize hydrating, brightening and anti-aging benefits. Depending on the time of year (summer) or your skin type (oily skin), a serum may be all that you need after cleansing and toning.





Depending on your skin concerns, select the 3LAB moisturizer that addresses your skincare needs.
Be vigilant, apply your moisturizer twice a day, every day. With all 3LAB products, less is more, a little goes a long way.




Apply your eye cream of choice to the delicate eye area by patting, not rubbing, counter clockwise, along the orbital bone. As with all 3LAB products, a little goes a long way.

Apply Perfect Neck cream to the neck and décolletage using upward motions to visibly firm the skin.




To protect the skin from environmental stressors and harmful UVA and UVB rays, apply your sunscreen of choice to complete your daytime routine.