Erica’s Tips & Tricks for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Growing up, Erica Chung, Founder & Creator, 3LAB, struggled with her skin. Having combination to oily skin, she didn’t know how to take care of it due to the excess oils which led to frequent acne.
Creating 3LAB and being a skincare consumer, Erica came up with her own way to clean the skin by double cleansing in the morning and night to remove debris and excess oils constantly being produced – enabling her to achieve the perfect skin she always knew she had.
Through her struggles and learnings, Erica makes it her mission to help others achieve their skincare goals to reveal their best self. Here is an easy guide to better understand your skin and how to take care of it achiever healthy, beautiful skin.

What’s Your Skin Type?

Before you can address your skin issues, it’s crucial to know what type of skin you have. There are four types of skin; dry, normal, combination and oily. Here’s how to tell which you have…
Dry Skin
30 minutes after washing your face, your skin will still feel tight. Skin is uncomfortable due to being tight. At first glance, your skin looks flawless. You shouldn’t be able to see your pores with the naked eye and you tend to not have blackheads or whiteheads.  
30 minutes after washing your face your skin should feel comfortable, slightly dry but doesn’t bother you. You do not have acne and your pores are visible to the naked eye but are not big as they are for combination to oily skin.
Due to excess oils in the t-zone area, your skin should feel comfortable 30 minutes after washing it. You experience occasional acne.

30 minutes after washing your face the t-zone area should have visible signs of oil. Skin is very comfortable, not tight at all. Pores are larger and experience frequent acne.

Great Skin Begins with Clean Skin

Now that you know what type of skin you have, let’s talk about how to properly clean it.
Double cleansing both morning and at night is essential to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin by unclogging and minimizing pores, removing blackheads, and softening the skin.
Chung recommends using a cloth or brush to cleanse versus your hands. This is the most efficient way to cleanse the skin. After one month of double cleansing consecutively, you will definitely see an improvement in your skin. After double cleansing, your skin is prepped and ready to absorb your skincare products to maximize the benefits of each.

Dry Skin

Your skin doesn’t produce enough oil so the surface of the skin feels dry, tight. Dead skin cells tend to buildup on the surface of the skin – causing dry patches and bumps.
Even though you have dry skin, double cleansing morning and at night will get rid of the dead skin cells. After double cleansing, use a serum followed by a rich, emollient moisturizer to give your skin the hydration it’s craving.


Double cleansing will help you maintain healthy skin as well as help prevent premature aging. It’s important to use a serum and a moisturizer.


Since your skin produces more oil, stay with a lighter moisturizer.
First apply moisturizer to the cheeks more generously since this area tends to be a little dry and follow with the t-zone area (forehead, nose, around the mouth and chin).


Your skin is overproducing oils – causing clogged pores which leads to acne as well as making pores more visible. A cloth or cleansing brush will give your skin the deep, effective clean it needs.