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How often should I use the perfect mask?

Perfect Mask is a great way to get a spa-like facial at home or in your hotel room while traveling. It contains Nano-Claire GY, our proprietary bio-engineered growth hormone to help defy the signs of aging, Green Tea to help detoxify the skin and may feel a cool sensation and then a slight tingle. This is normal. Leave the Perfect Mask on for 10 -15 minutes and then remove. No need to rinse, just massage the excess solution into your skin and then finish with your favorite 3LAB Moisturizer. This mask is effective enough to use once a week for visible results. If your skin tends to be more oily or acne-prone, you can use the mask once every other results

I am having a difficult time finding a daily physical sunscreen that will not irritate my skin, have no oils, and that can be worn under makeup. Does 3LAB make a sunscreen to fit my needs?

Yes we do! 3LAB Hydra Day w/ Water-Based SPF 20 – a three-in-one oil-free moisturizer and sun protection cream that can also be used as a makeup base – is perfect for daily use to hydrate and protect the skin. This is the perfect daytime moisturizer with added benefits of sun protection for all skin types including oily skin. We also offer two additional skin protection options: Perfect Lite Sunscreen SPF 30 which offers superior physical protection using micronized Titanium Dioxide and micronized Zinc Oxide and Perfect Sunscreen SPF 55 PA+++ which protects the skin using four protecting ingredients including Avobenzone and Oxybenzone and provides added wrinkle and redness protection from powerful antioxidants including Acai Berry Extract, Green Tea Extract and Mulberry Extract.

Are your products safe for pregnant women to use?

Yes, all 3LAB products are intended for cosmetic use and safe to use. Nano-Claire GY is a protein so is safe to use on all skin types. We use a very mild and gentle preservative system and our products are fragrance-free.

What is Nano-Claire GY and how does it work to stop the signs of aging?

Aging slows down the body’s internal clock including the production of hormones necessary for youthful acting and looking skin. Nano-Claire GY™ is the only cosmetic hGH available in the USA with proven results from third party clinical studies. Unlike growth factors which can only stimulate portions of cells or tissues, Nano-Claire GY™ mimics real hGH to stimulate the whole organism for unmatched results. Nano-Claire GY is a protein that uses a unique nanoliposome-encapsulated delivery system to reach the cell receptors located at in the hair bulb. It is the most stable, safe and effective ingredient available in the synthetic hormone category.

What are the benefits of the plant stem cell technology used in 3LAB products?

3LAB uses plant stem cell technology to help delay the signs of chronological agdue to stress or DNA) of essential cells by encouraging healthy cells from within. The plant stem cells used by 3LAB are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites which help to ensure the longevity of cells. Epidermal stem cells replenish and maintain the balance of cells within skin tissue. These cells help to regenerate healthy tissue after it sustains damage. However, with age, the body produces less like human cells, plant cells have the ability to regenerate new organs or even the whole plant with time. Free radical damage from ultra-violet rays can weaken the skin structure resulting in wrinkles. We have found a new way to use plant stem delay of senescence for more healthy resilient skin.