On Wednesday, February 4th, we invited some of the top New York City beauty editors and bloggers to immerse themselves in the untouched treasure of Marine-Based skincare. In other words, we were proud to introduce our spring 2015 launch, Anti-Aging Cream!


Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface…..

Exploring this abundance, our research and development team went in search of undiscovered and untouched sea life to create a luxurious, marine-rich anti-aging formula that would deliver measurable results. 3LAB’s Marine Repair™, a proprietary marine and botanical infused complex, aims to restore hydration to the skin, maintain and regulate skin homeostasis, increase elastin and collagen production, while reducing the visible signs of again. 3LAB scientists engineered active targeting technology with marine biology to create Anti-Aging Cream, focusing on the benefits of hydration to fight the signs of aging.

Editors had the chance to try the product and loved the texture. It was a wonderful opportunity for 3LAB to display the company's latest product to such a warm reception from the top beauty professionals.

The successful event solidified the industry's interest in 3LAB's scientifically advanced products.