At 3LAB, we love hearing how our products help customers achieve their skincare goals.
One story was so impactful and inspiring, we wanted to share it with the 3LAB community.

Grace Green, a flight attendant for American Airlines based in Miami, has struggled with acne
since she was 17. Like many adults who suffer from acne, she has tried many products
but nothing has worked…

“It's dry so it peels a lot, red (maybe rosacea), and of course pimples. I've tried many products
and they'd start to work then I'd get immune to them,” says Grace.

Ready to try anything to help, Grace came across American Airlines’ First Class International
Amenity Kit which includes 3LAB’s “M” Cream, Perfect Hand Cream and Perfect Lips. Since she
tried everything else and it didn’t work, Grace thought it couldn’t hurt to use 3LAB’s “M” Cream.

“I've been using it [M Cream] since I got one full bottle from headquarters. This is the only thing
that cleared up my face. I've tried several prescriptions, Origins, and everything else out there.
Within one week of using the M Cream my face is completely clean.”

Before and After Picture of Grace

Within a month and a half, Grace’s skin has dramatically improved since using “M” Cream.
It’s no longer breaking out, she has an even complexion and her skin looks healthy and hydrated.

“M” Cream is truly a breakthrough product because it’s the first cosmetic product that contains
stem cells from a rare Swiss apple. The plant-based stem cells are proven to slow down
the signs of aging including;

  • •Visibly firming the skin to give it a radiant, youthful glow.
  • •Providing the skin with vital nutrients to make it feel and look uplifted.
  • •Reduces the appearance and look of fine lines and wrinkles.

To learn more about “M” Cream and the entire “M” Collection click here.