3LAB is very excited about the launch of our first-ever face oil, Anti-Aging Oil. Staying true to
our mantra of “merging beauty with science”, 3LAB’s R&D team along with Founder and
Creator, Erica Chung, collaborated for 3 years – sourcing the most innovative and efficacious
ingredients to bring to life Erica Chung’s vision for Anti-Aging Oil.

Formulated with age-defying essential oils and 24K Gold
flecks, Anti-Aging Oil intensely hydrates, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
as well as fighting pigmentation - giving you naturally radiant and younger-looking skin.

Why Gold?

It’s believed that Cleopatra used Gold to keep her skin looking young and radiant. Whether or
not that is true, we do know that Gold is a true multitasking powerhouse for your skin. Not only
is it a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, but it is packed with many beneficial uses for
the skin like;

• Improving the circulation of blood to make your skin firmer
• Calming acne inflammation
• Reducing skin redness
• Protecting against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage
• Naturally highlights the skin - giving it a luminous, healthy glow

The 24K Gold flecks in Anti-Aging Oil quickly absorb into the skin. Instantly, you will notice a
beautiful, radiant glow coming from your skin as the Gold works to not only protect your skin,
but treat it. Together, the 24K Gold flecks with the age-defying power of essential oils,
makes Anti-Aging Oil unlike any other oil.