For centuries, people all over the world have been using the power of essential oils for health
benefits as well as protecting and improving their skin. The ancient Egyptians even used many
essential oils as medicine and their recipes are recorded in hieroglyphics.

Essential oils contain age-defying properties that naturally occur – making them the perfect
ingredients to combat the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dull, dry or
sagging skin, as well as pigmentation.

In our most recent launch of Anti-Aging Oil, 3LAB harnessed the power of cold-pressed
essential oils with 24K Gold flecks to bring you the most luxurious and efficacious face oil.

For over three years, 3LAB Founder and Creator, Erica Chung, collaborated with our R&D team
- sourcing the most innovative and age-fighting essential oils to create Anti-Aging Oil. The skin-
loving essential oils that make Anti-Aging Oil so unique and powerful include;

Andiroba Oil: From a plant in the Amazon, this oil promotes healing and soothing while
minimizing pigmentation. This oil is natural anti-inflammatory and rich in omega acids.


Rosehip Oil: Naturally offers a very high-level of Vitamin C content all while boosting
moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Camellia Oil: From the Camellia Japonica Flower in Korea and Japan, this essential oil fights
the signs of aging and boasts moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Buriti Oil: From the Mariche Palm Tree in the Amazon, this essential oil is rich in nutrients, fatty
acids, vitamins and beta carotene. It’s a natural sun protectant with high-levels of antioxidants.

Together these ingredients work together to fight the signs of aging while giving you radiant,
younger-looking skin. Click here to learn why Anti-Aging Oil is unlike any other oil.