The dog days of summer are here. Keep your skin healthy and protected with Erica’s tip of the month.

This time of year, the sun, haze and humidity are tough on the skin. The elements are unrelenting – causing more perspiration, oils and debris coming out of pores. This can lead to clogged pores which can cause more dead skin cells on top of the skin. Not to mention the strong sun can have damaging effects on our skin.

How do I recommend keeping your skin protected from the sun and heat?

My signature advice is double cleansing.

Double Cleansing is a great method for maintaining healthy skin as well as reducing the signs of premature aging.

It consists of washing your face twice, morning and night with a brush or cloth, as it’ll help remove more dead skin cells and debris from pores. Begin with the Perfect Cleansing Emulsion to gently remove makeup and debris from the skin. You can either tissue off the emulsion or use a lukewarm face cloth. Next, use the Perfect Cleansing Gel to get a deeper clean to remove excess oils and debris.

Follow up with a scrub like the Perfect Cleansing Scrub as it’s gentle enough for everyday use. I like using the scrub in the shower because the steam helps open up my pores more which allows me to get a deeper cleanse. Also, the little jojoba beads are easier to wash off in the shower.

You’ll want to use a lighter-textured moisturizer versus a heavier one. The high summer temperature causes your skin to produce more oils for both combination and oily skin. A good solution to combat this is to use a serum in the morning and follow with a product containing sunscreen to protect your skin.

At night, use a serum and follow up with a light moisturizer after cleansing.


The following products are a part of 3LAB’s sun care line formulated to protect your skin while also treating it which include;

  • Aqua BB SPF 40
  • Perfect BB Cream SPF 40
  • WW Day SPF 40
  • Perfect Sunscreen SFP 50

WW Day SPF 40 is a really unique, multi-functional moisturizer as it features a broad spectrum SPF 40 but goes on clear. I love the velvety soft texture because it’s very unique and something you wouldn’t expect from a product with a SPF. It also brightens, evens out skin tone and texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bonus – it’s the perfect makeup base.

Aqua BB SPF 40 and Perfect BB SPF 40 are BB creams designed to give a you a flawless, glowing coverage while also protecting your skin. They come in three shades; light, medium and dark.

Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50 is a broad spectrum sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the face and body to protect from harmful UV rays and early signs of aging.