Our newest product, WW Day SPF 40, launched in April and we are thrilled to see the continued excitement surrounding this moisturizer. We had several exciting displays of WW Day, including an entire wall of the product at Barneys in Beverly Hills and a window display at the Barneys on Madison Avenue.


If you are new to the 3LAB family and are wondering what WW Day SPF 40 is, then you have come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about this multifunctional cream and where you can pick one (or several) up.

WW Day SPF 40 is a lightweight cream that protects your skin against the sun’s harmful rays as well as the visible signs of aging. It is mostly clear with a very slight shimmer to it. WW Day should be used in the morning since it has a velvety texture, thus making it the ideal makeup base and moisturizer. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens, tightens, and soothes the skin, and even protects the skin against sun and environmental damage with an SPF 40. Unlike most creams, WW Day SPF 40 is not a jar. Instead, it has a spout at the top that allows you to control the amount of cream you use at one time. The design of this bottle also means that you won’t run out of its contents too quickly.

WW Day SPF 40 is a moisturizer that truly does it all not only in its benefits, but even in its ingredient list. The various components of this cream also demonstrate how it combines the benefits of several skincare products resulting in one practical and beautiful moisturizer. It is made with our signature Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex, which helps regenerate the appearance of healthy skin. It is also made with Apple Stem Cells, Sesame Seed Extract, and PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis, which are three ingredients that are crucial to the anti-aging process. It also contains Golden Collagenase, which adds a slight shimmer to the cream. If you look very closely at the moisturizer before putting it on then you can even see specks of gold that will blend right into your skin! It also has Broad Spectrum SPF 40 so it is provides sufficient, every day protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

You can find WW Day SPF 40 in three places: at Barneys New York (both in-store and online) as well as on our website. It is also the recent addition to our Gold Standard Collection, which consists of other great products such as Super “H” Serum, WW Cream, and WW Eye Cream. Go ahead and pick up your very own WW Day and let us know what you think!