While you’re trying to keep warm with extra layers and cranking up
the heat, your skin is also bracing for the dry, freezing weather.
This time of year, our skin is pushed to its limits. From overindulging,
holiday parties, and late nights out, the cold, dry elements are wreaking
havoc on our skin – making it dry and tight, more lines and wrinkles
and, of course, unwelcomed breakouts that make you feel like you’re
a teenager all over again. It’s clear our skin needs some extra TLC this
time of year to stay healthy and fight off premature aging.
Thankfully, it’s a new year which means a new chance to revamp your
skincare regime because you deserve, healthy beautiful skin all year long.
It’s time to make healthy skin a priority in the New Year. Meet three
women who use different 3LAB products based on their skin care
concerns and how those products fit into their everyday lives.



Julia is a Nurse Practitioner living in New York City. She has fair, thin skin
that tends to get dry. She uses Anti-Aging Cream because she loves how
it makes her skin feel more comfortable, soft and supple. 
During the day, Julia uses Anti-Aging Oil as an extra treatment to help
moisturize and smooth her skin. Next, she uses WW Day SPF 40 on top
of Anti-Aging Oil for extra anti-aging benefits and sun protection – saving
her extra time in the morning as she is getting ready for her busy day.
It’s the perfect multifunctional moisturizer for that woman on the go!
And no look would be complete without an eye cream. Julia tops off her
regime using Super Eye Treatment to give her eyes a bright, refreshed look.
At night, she uses Anti-Aging Oil and Anti-Aging Cream to not only comfort
her skin and keep her looking great but it’s preventative too.



Meghan is a Senior Executive at a Public Relations firm in Los Angeles.
She is in her mid-thirties and has normal to combination skin. As you
can imagine, she has a very hectic and busy social schedule. She begins
her days in the early morning and works late into the night – attending
business dinners, celebrity events and editor meetings. Since she needs
to put her best face forward, it’s important that she keeps her skin
healthy and glowing.
Recently, Meghan moved from New York City to Los Angeles. With the
drastic change in weather, she started using WW Cream, in the morning
and at night, in the dry areas like her cheeks, forehead and chin.
Meghan loves how WW Cream helps with pigmentation as well as
protecting her skin from damaging free radicals and prematurely
aging in the LA sun and smog. Now with life in the LA sun, she has
started using Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50 to protect her skin from
harmful UVA/UBA rays.



Kim is a jetsetter, as her career takes her to all four corners of the world.
She is a makeup artist in her early-thirties who has naturally oily skin.
But since she travels so often, the air on the plane tends to dry her
skin out – making it feel tight. Kim uses “M” Cream because she loves
the cream-gel texture and how it helps brighten, hydrate, and smooth
her skin so she is always looking her best for clients.
In her role as a makeup artist, Kim loves using WW Day SPF 40 as
a primer for both her and her clients. An added bonus, WW Day offers
SPF 40 that goes on clear with a smooth, velvety texture which she
loves since she tends to be out in the sun a lot throughout the year.
Kim is a big fan of mixing and matching products. Recently, she
started mixing her foundation with one drop of Anti-Aging Oil – giving
her a radiant glow. Even though she has oily skin, she can use
Anti-Aging Oil because it’s a dry oil so it’s great for all skin types.