Wearing a face mask may give your skin a much-needed break from wearing makeup, but it can also cause a new issue: maskne. Keep reading to learn what causes maskne and how to prevent it.

What is Maskne?

Maskne is defined as breakouts and skin irritation caused by wearing a face mask. If you’ve been noticing more pimples on your chin and around your mouth since you started wearing a face mask regularly, that’s maskne.

Maskne happens because face masks trap a lot of warm, moist air on your skin, which creates the ideal breeding environment for yeast, bacteria, and other flora. Pores become blocked by sweat, oil, and makeup beneath your mask, leading to zits. The friction from the mask rubbing against your skin can also irritate the skin. This skin irritation looks like dry, red, scaly patches.

How Do I Prevent Pimples When Wearing a Mask?

Since not wearing a mask isn’t an option, there are few things that you can do to prevent maskne.

  1. Create a Barrier

    Wearing a moisturizer on the skin beneath your mask creates a barrier, protecting your face against friction and irritation. During the daytime, we recommend using a moisturizer that contains SPF like WW Day Cream or Perfect BB SPF 40. At nighttime, you can use a moisturizer like Perfect Moisturizer.

  2. Wash Your Masks Frequently 

    If you are wearing reusable fabric masks, make sure to wash them after each use. Otherwise, you’ll just be transferring the bacteria back onto your skin. Likewise, it’s important to wash your fabric mask before you wear it for the first time. Washing your mask before use removes any finishes on the fabric that may irritate your skin.

  3. Use Fragrance-Free Detergents 

    Some people are sensitive to fragrances in skincare and soaps. To be safe, make sure that you use fragrance-free laundry detergent when washing your masks. Rinse twice, then dry in the dryer to make sure you kill all bacteria.

  4. Wash Your Face 

    When you return home and can take off your mask, wash your face with a foaming cleanser like Perfect Cleansing Foam. This will help to wash away any bacteria that’s collected on your skin. Follow with a soothing moisturizer like Perfect Cream.

  5. Be Gentle with Your Skin 

    If you have maskne, that means that your skin is irritated. Take it easy on skincare products with lots of active ingredients until your skin has had some time to heal and recover.