3LAB Expands to Spain

Did you know that the cosmetic market volume in Spain is over 6 billion Euros? As women in Spain spend a great amount of time enjoying the beautiful weather, they also begin to notice the effects of excess sun exposure. As a result, most women experience a decrease in elastin and collagen, as well as other forms of sun damage such as sun spots and skin discoloration.

Mrs. Chung in Spain

3LAB has been building a strong presence in Europe over the last few years. We are now excited to bring 3LAB to the Spanish market as it is a great skincare market with savvy consumers who are looking for a results driven products to perfect their skin.


In preparation for our official launch in January 2017, Mrs. Chung recently traveled to Madrid to meet with over 45 of Spain’s top journalist for a special press luncheon.  At the luncheon editors had the chance to learn about 3LAB from the creator and founder herself. As a very engaging group, they asked various questions from the meaning behind the name 3LAB to specifics about the various ingredients that are found in 3LAB’s top products.

Spanish Journalists

Spain has been on the radar for years and we are thrilled to finally introduce the brand and also expand it into Portugal and Gibraltar. In the new year 3LAB will be sold in select, luxury high-end perfumeries throughout Spain. An official store locator will be added to our website shortly.


In the coming months we are excited to share more news on our newest opening.


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