Many people get hydration and moisturization mixed up. So let’s help clear the air…

Your skin has a natural lipid barrier designed to protect itself from damage and water loss. If your skin is dry, that’s a sign your natural moisture barrier isn’t producing enough lipids – making it hard for the skin to lock-in moisture. This is why we use moisturizers. They help the natural oils and lipids on the surface of the skin retain water and maintain a healthy moisture balance.

Hydration, refers to the amount of water in the skin. Many hydrators are created using humectants because they increase water content by capturing moisture from the air and delivering it down to the skin layers.

Dehydrated skin lacks water so it needs hydration. Whereas, dry skin lacks its natural oils so it needs to be moisturized.

Is your skin thirsty?

3LAB’s Hydrating-Vita Cream is the thirst-quencher your skin is craving. An ultra-lightweight gel, Hydrating-Vita Cream helps replenish and restore the skin’s moisture levels for up to 24 hours – giving it the necessary hydration to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin.