Sure, there’s a lot to love about winter. Hot cocoa and cozy evenings indoors come to mind. But what we don’t love about winter is what it does to our skin. Dryness, dullness, itchiness – if you live in a cold climate, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

The good news? 3LAB has many solutions for your winter skin woes. Keep reading to learn which products the 3LAB team loves for their winter skincare routines.


To Treat Chapped Lips: Healthy Glow Lip Balm

Of all the winter woes, chapped lips are probably the worst. Thanks to the low humidity, chilly temps, and frigid wind, most of us end up with dried out lips in the winter.

That’s why we love Healthy Glow Lip Balm. Healthy Glow Lip Balm hydrates and heals the lips rather than just creating a protective coating over them. Plus, thanks to the addition of a unique ingredient called Maxi-Lip, Healthy Glow Lip Balm can make lips appear fuller. Lips look healthy and moisturized with a natural pink glow.

To Replenish Skin: Perfect Beautifying Toner

If you’re not already using a toner, winter is the perfect time to start. Toners replenish skin with hydration after cleansing. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a little extra moisture to your routine, which is needed during the winter.

We recommend adding Perfect Beautifying Toner to your winter skincare routine. In addition to replenishing parched skin, this toner uses Bacillus Ferment, a natural enzyme, to gently exfoliate dull skin. Plus, it contains sodium hyaluronate, a natural humectant that helps lock moisture into the skin for long term hydration. Use daily after cleansing.

To Diminish Signs of Aging: WW Cream

The drying conditions of winter can exacerbate signs of premature aging, particularly fine lines and wrinkles. The solution? Use a luxuriously rich night cream! We especially love WW Cream for dry skin because of its advanced ingredients like Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex, Apple Stem Cell Technology, and Golden Collagenine. Skin looks healthy and smooth with a summertime glow – even in the dead of winter.

To Protect Skin: Perfect BB SPF 40

Even though sun rays are less powerful in the winter, anyone who has been skiing can tell you it’s still definitely possible to get a sunburn! UV damage still contributes to premature signs of aging, even in the winter. That’s why it’s important to wear sunscreen every single day! Swap out your usual tinted moisturizer for Perfect BB SPF 40, which protects against sun damage while creating a flawless, pigment-adapted finish.