The final countdown to Valentine’s Day

Here are some tips to beat the cold and prepare for the PERFECT Valentine’s Day.

Pre- Valentine’s Day:
Before Valentine’s Day, spend some time papering yourself with 3LAB’s Perfect Mask. Your skin will thank you later. This hydrating sheet mask will provide the skin with a firm and toned feel. Formulated with 3LAB’s Bio-Engineered Renewal complex to help regenerate the appearance of healthy skin, this technologically advanced mask reduces the appearance of aging skin while maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance using peptides and skin energizing antioxidants such as green tea and ginkgo biloba. Skin will look refreshed and glowing, as if you spent the day at a luxurious spa.
With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, gloves and mittens are a must have in New York City. Yes these  winter accessories leave hands toasty and warm, but they also leave hands dry and cracked. We have the PERFECT solution! Before you leave in the morning or reach for the hand of your loved one, drop 3LAB's Perfect Hand Cream into your bag. As soon as you reach your final destination swap your gloves for a few dime sized amounts of Perfect Hand Cream. Believe us, your hands will thank you.
Traveling American Airlines on International first class this Valentine's Day? You are in luck, as you can experience 3LAB at 30,000 feet with the all new American Airline Amenity Kits.
On Valentine’s Day:
During these cold months, covering up is key; however, your lips are constantly exposed to the elements! In addition to Perfect Mask and Perfect Hand Cream, Perfect Lips and Healthy Glow Lip Balm are the best third wheels to you Valentine’s Day date. Infused with 3LAB’s Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex and apple stem cell technology, Perfect Lips is a luxuriously hydrating lip treatment that provides dry, dehydrated lips with intense, long-lasting moisture. What is you prefer lipstick.  Not to worry, Perfect Lips penetrates quickly allowing you to apply your favorite lipstick on top!
If you prefer au natural, Healthy Glow Lip Balm is great for you. With a buildable pink tint, this is the perfect product for a quick touch up or as the finishing touch to a make-up free look as used by Alicia Key’s Makeup Artist, Dotti.
After Valentine’s Day
Following a 3LAB skincare regimen will help you maintain PERFECT skin will beyond Valentine’s Day.
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