No one is perfect. And unless you have a personal assistant by your side at all times, it’s easy to forget some steps in your beauty routine. If you’ve ever forgotten to put sunscreen on your neck or hands, you’re certainly not alone! In fact, these are the most commonly overlooked areas in any woman’s skincare routine.

But it’s also no coincidence that these overlooked areas are surfaces most likely to show your true age after years of exposure to harmful UV rays. While getting older comes with its perks like, signs of aging on your neck and hands doesn’t have to be a part of the picture.

Follow these tips to prevent and treat signs of aging on your neck and hands.

Overlooked Area #1: Your Neck

Most people tend to forget to apply sunscreen throughout their entire neck area. Over time, cumulative sun damage breaks down the proteins of your skin, causing sagging and wrinkles.  Make it a point to apply SPF moisturizer to your face, neck, and décolletage to prevent signs of aging in this delicate area.

If you’re already seeing some signs of aging, Perfect Neck Cream can help. This cutting edge formula visibly lifts and firms the skin of the neck and chin for a more defined facial contour. For best results, we recommend using this product in conjunction with Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum.

Overlooked Area #2: Your Hands

You probably already know that you should reapply sunscreen after swimming. But are you applying sunscreen to your hands after every hand wash? Most of us aren’t, which is why the hands are usually the first to start showing age spots.

Luckily, you can reverse some of this sun damage with Perfect Hand Cream. Formulated with green tea, DMAE, seaweed extracts, and shea butter, this luxurious-feeling cream actually fades the appearance age spots while it moisturizes. And since it absorbs quickly, it won’t leave you with greasy hands.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by overcast days and go without sunscreen. Even if the weather is cloudy, your skin can still be exposed to harmful UV rays. We recommend daily use of  Perfect Sunscreen, which contains four active ingredients that protect your skin from damage. And don’t forget your neck or hands!