The advent of spring means that the days are finally getting longer and sunnier. While we love that the return of warm weather, we can’t deny that the change to spring can negative impact on our skin.

So why does this happen? More sunlight triggers hormonal fluctuations in our bodies, which can prove stressful to our skin. Plus, warmer temperatures and changes in humidity mean that your winter skincare routine might not provide the results you want.

Keep reading to find out how to update your spring skincare routine and make the transition to spring as smooth (and beautiful) as possible.

3 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Spring

1.    Fortify Your Skin

The first step of your spring skincare routine should be to strengthen your skin before seasonal changes occur.

That’s why we recommend treating your skin with Super Ampoules during the first month of spring. Super Ampoules are charged with advanced bioengineered ingredients that dramatically boost your skin’s regenerative power to renew, repair, fortify, and prepare your skin for dramatic seasonal changes.

Plus, since they drastically reduce key signs of aging like fine lines and age spots, you’ll start the season with gorgeous, glowing, even-toned skin.

2.    Add SPF

Once spring hits, relying on the SPF in your makeup isn’t going to cut it. This season, apply sunscreen as part of your morning spring skincare routine, and reapply during periods of outdoor activity. Our Perfect Sunscreen provides unparalleled SPF protection without the oily feel of conventional sunscreens, so you have no excuse to skip the SPF this spring.

3.    Protect Your Eyes

More sunshine also means more squinting. Over time, this action leads to fine lines around the eyes called crow’s feet. If you’re not already using an eye cream, now is the perfect time to start.

We formulated our Anti-Aging Eye Lift with Ephemer™, a super antioxidant that reverses the harmful effects of UV rays and other environmental damage. Apply using your ring finger both in the AM and PM to moisturize and protect this delicate area.

How do you transition your skincare routine from winter to spring?