The moment your bags are packed and you’re ready to dart out of the door for your holiday getaway, think twice. While vacationing has many perks for the soul, it is most often detrimental to your skin. Unfortunately, travel skincare is usually the last thing on your mind as you count your outfits and triple check the status of your flights.

Make note of these simple travel skincare tips to ensure you arrive at your destination with a glowing complexion.

1.   Stick to Your Regimen

Just because you’re going off course doesn’t mean you take a vacation from your skincare routine. In other words, don’t let the TSA liquid regulations veer you off course and make you switch up your beauty essentials last minute. If you’re only packing carry on luggage, all of your liquids and cosmetics must be 3.4 ounces or less per product and kept in a clear plastic bag. Bring your favorite products from home by packing them in reusable travel containers.

2.   Moisturize In-Flight

Airplane cabins have extremely low humidity levels, which can leave skin parched and papery at the end of a long flight. To fight in-flight dehydration, pack a heavy-duty moisturizer in your personal item and apply before take-off.

Our 3LAB M Cream has a rich formula developed to hydrate your skin in even the harshest conditions by using stem cell technology that increases resilience while giving your skin a radiant glow. The petite 2 oz. container adheres to travel regulations and is a perfect choice to lather on prior to long flights.

3.   Prepare to Acclimate to Climate Changes

Your lightweight moisturizer won’t have the same effect on your skin in Florida as it will in the Rocky Mountains. Dive into the weather forecast of your destination a week prior to your departure to learn about the humidity levels, altitude, and temperature. You should prepare your new skin routine at least a week before you travel to give your skin ample time to adjust to the new routine and environment.

4.   Apply Sunscreen Regularly

When it comes to travel skincare, a nourishing and effective sunscreen can make all the difference to your skin. Whether you’re vacationing on a sunny beach or in the mountains, the sun is fun, but not for your face. While spending time outside, apply sunscreen every two hours.

Our Perfect Sunscreen contains four active ingredients that act as a barrier against harmful UV rays. The oil-free formula leaves skin feeling fresh and protected, not shiny and greasy like other sunscreens.

Follow these travel skincare tips to ensure your skin stays healthy from your departure to your arrival.

What are you favorite skincare tricks when travelling?