Uneven skin tone is the abnormal darkening of certain areas of the skin. It’s caused by the irregular production of melanin, the natural pigment that protects our skin from UV rays.

Uneven skin tone is one of the major signs of aging. In fact, according to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, uneven skin tone plays a bigger role than wrinkles in others’ perception of our age.

Luckily, uneven skin tone is treatable. Keep reading to find out how to diminish uneven skin tone and regain a youthful, healthy glow.

What Causes Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is an umbrella term for several types of hyperpigmentation. Melanin forms deposits in isolated areas of the skin, making those areas look darker than their surroundings. The specific cause of the hyperpigmentation depends on its type, and include:

  • Age spots, caused by sun exposure.
  • Melasma, splotchy areas of hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal changes and worsened by UV exposure.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is the dark scarring left behind when a blemish or abrasion heals.
  • Freckles, which are genetic but are made more prominent by sun exposure.

How to Prevent Uneven Skin Tone

All forms of uneven skin tone are made worse by sun exposure, so sun protection is truly the key to preventing uneven skin tone.

We recommending wearing sunscreen daily. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen like WW Day SPF 40 to your face, neck, décolletage, and anywhere else your skin is regularly exposed to the sun. Avoid laying out in the sun, and wear a hat and protective clothing whenever you plan on spending long periods in the sunshine.

How to Fade an Uneven Skin Tone

Research has proven that vitamin C is the magic ingredient for fading uneven skin tone. Not only does it promote a glowing, youthful skin tone, but it also has the added benefit of promoting collagen production for smoother, firmer skin.

Vitamin C is just one of the many skin-brightening ingredients in our Oil Complex Brightening. This seriously amazing formula is a one stop shop for an even, glowing, youthful complexion. We combined a stable form of vitamin C with vitamin E, a Brightening Peptide complex, and potent antioxidants for extra brightening power. Plus, four molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid provide deep hydration.

Applying this extraordinary elixir twice per day will fade uneven skin tone and promote healthy, smooth, glowing skin.