3LAB strives to deliver innovative skincare with anti-aging power and texture-smoothing radiance. That’s why we've created a new, forward-thinking serum using stem cell technology and natural plant-derived ingredients.

Our WW Serum combats environmental damage, protects against artificial light, and enhances collagen for glossy complexion. Its original design is perfect if you suffer from hypersensitivity, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dull, dry skin. Read on to find out more.

Why We Created WW Serum

Working from home, using screens, and scrolling on smartphones is a daily occurrence for most individuals. These electronics are necessary to work, live, and connect with the world. However, the artificial and blue light that screens emit damages the skin.

Most skincare companies neglect the effect of these wavelengths in their products. Not us. We’ve delivered a serum that targets skin damage from artificial light so you can use screens without worrying about the health of your skin.

The new WW serum is fantastic at:

  • • Protecting skin against artificial light
  • • Creating a shield between your skin and blue light
  • • Rapidly decreasing fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Enhancing firmness and elasticity
  • • Regulating hypersensitivity
  • • Soothing inflamed and irritated skin
  • • Improving skin texture and hyperpigmentation

Formulated Using Powerful Active Ingredients

At 3LAB, we believe in transparency, which is why we share the science behind our skincare. We’ve created a formula based on studies to ensure each ingredient in this serum works.


Now, let’s get into some myths surrounding SPF so you can get the most out of your sunscreen.


E-mortal™ uses plant-based hydrolyzed pea protein and peptide liposomes to prevent collagenases. Collagenases attack collagen, breaking down the cellular structure and causing skin damage.

However, E-mortal™ uses stem cell technology to protect fibroblasts, the connective tissue in cells that produce collagen. It encourages cell recovery and regeneration, wound healing, and wrinkle reduction for firm and youthful skin.


COS-VCE enhances skin color and elasticity by defending vitamin C from oxidative stress. It’s anti-inflammatory and has a brightening effect to glow up dull and sun-damaged skin.


Defensil® conditions skin and regulates hyper-reactivity, which can cause sensitivity. It has an immediate soothing effect, reducing inflammation, irritation, and redness. It also rejuvenates the skin barrier, locking in hydration for plump and fresh skin.

In a recent study, participants who used 2-5% Defensil® saw a clear reduction in irritation, skin reddening, and water loss.

Active ingredients:

  • • Cardiospermum Halicacabum – A climbing plant with beautiful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • • Echium Oil – Rich in fatty acids to rejuvenate the skin barrier and calm inflammation.
  • • Sunflower Unsaponifiables – Naturally contains vitamin E and squalene, essential for skin regeneration.


Many people work desk jobs or use smartphones daily and experience almost constant exposure to artificial visible light (AVL). These wavelengths stimulate cellular fatigue making skin appear lifeless and dull. They also damage connective tissue, so cells rapidly lose shape and elasticity.

EnergiNius™ is derived from ginseng, an Ayurvedic medicine for health and beauty. It defends mitochondria (the energy source of cells) from visible artificial and blue light. This regulates cell communication for enhanced oxygen and glucose release, creating a springy, energetic glow.

It also contains amino acids, shielding the skin against screen lights, combatting digital pollution, and revitalizing the skin.


HALOXYL™ reduces dark under-eye skin by evening and plumping skin texture. Dark circles are caused by blood collecting beneath the skin and deepening pigmentation. However, HALOXYL™ disperses the color by dissolving iron to smooth and brighten eye bags.

In a recent study, 22 female participants applied eye gel containing 2% HALOXYL™ beneath one eye and used a placebo on the other. Dark under-eye color was reduced by 19% after just 56 days.


Majestem™ is derived from a plant in the Alps. In a study, 34 women applied a 2% Majestem™ cream twice daily and saw a lifting effect on sagging neck skin. They also experienced plumper cheeks and a reduction in crow’s feet after only six weeks of use.


Matrixyl®3000 is a peptide containing antiwrinkle properties to enhance skin elasticity and protect skin cells against UV rays. It regulates progerin, a biomarker negatively affecting skin health that builds with age. However, Matrixyl®3000 transforms the aging process by stimulating the skin to act younger than it actually is.

This is shown by 28 volunteers who applied skincare with 3% of Matrixyl®3000 for eight weeks. They saw an incredible improvement in collagen density, reducing aging by 1.8 years in four weeks.

Additional Active Ingredients

Every ingredient we’ve mentioned is incredible for skin health. But we didn’t stop there. 3LAB endeavors to provide the best serum possible, so we included additional ingredients for maximum skin glow.

  • • Sodium Hyaluronate – Gently moisturizes to repair skin damage.
  • • D-Panthenol – Protects the skin barrier, locking in hydration.
  • • Adenosine – Increases cell turnover for rejuvenated skin.
  • • Niacinamide - Exfoliates to minimize wrinkles and create an even skin tone.
  • • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - Anti-inflammatory to calm irritation and improve dry or dehydrated skin.

Embrace 3LAB Skincare Technology

If you want science-based skincare, then try our new WW Serum. Achieve radical rejuvenation and protection against environmental damage for radiant, glossy skin all year round.