During the winter, low air humidity levels from frigid temperatures and indoor heating pull the moisture right out of skin, leaving it parched and itchy.

Our hands are especially affected by this phenomenon, since they’re almost always exposed to the dry air. Add in some extra hand washings for flu season, and you’re looking at some really dry hands this winter. And if left untreated, chapped and dry hands can develop painful, bleeding cracks.

So what can you do? Keep reading for a few simple tricks to prevent chapped, dry hands in winter.

3 Ways to Fix Dry Hands in Winter

1.    The Every Hour Rule

The best way to treat dry hands? Don’t let them get dry in the first place! Make it a habit to re-apply a high-quality hand cream frequently throughout the day, especially after you wash your hands.

Unfortunately, not all hand moisturizers are created equal. Extra dry winter conditions call for hand cream that packs an extra protective punch.

Our recommendation? 3LAB Perfect Hand Cream. This complex blend of antioxidants and skin conditioning agents (including green tea, seaweed extract, and shea butter) protects and hydrates parched hands. As an added bonus, it also fades the appearance of age spots. And the luxurious-feeling texture absorbs instantly and won’t leave an icky greasy feeling on your hands.

Keep a tube in your purse so you have hydration on hand whenever you need it!

You can also keep cuticles moisturized and prevent hangnails by massaging a drop of Anti-Aging Oil into cuticles before bed.

2.    Adjust the Temperature

While turning up the thermostat might feel amazing on a cold day, high indoor temperatures only further exacerbate dry hands in winter. Keep your thermostat set in the 65 to 70 degree range for more hydrated skin.

Similarly, don’t use steaming hot water when washing your hands or showering. Scalding hot water is extremely drying for skin, so turn the tap down and use lukewarm water instead. Washing with lukewarm water still kills germs and gets hands clean, without leaving skin parched.

3.    Wear Gloves!

Nothing dries your hands out faster than leaving them exposed to the cold winter air.  Even if you’re just running some quick errands, wearing gloves will help protect your hands. Wearing rubber gloves while cleaning or washing dishes will also help to keep your hands hydrated (and extend the life of your manicure to boot).

How do you prevent dry hands in winter?

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