It’s 2019, which means it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions. This year, commit yourself to following healthy skin habits. While these changes may seem small, we promise they’ll add up to big differences in the new year and beyond!

Wash Your Face Before Bed

It’s no secret that leaving makeup on your skin overnight can clog your pores, leading to blackheads and breakouts. But free radicals from pollution also stick to your skin during the day. And if these particles are left on the skin overnight, they can damage your complexion.

If you’re too tired before bed, make it habit to wash your face using a gentle cleansing gel as soon as you get home from work instead. There’s no excuse to skip this healthy skin habit!

And if you really want to up your skincare game, try double cleansing! Double cleansing is the best way to achieve healthy, clear, beautiful skin.

Cut Out Sugar

Put down the Christmas cookies! When we eat too many sweets, our blood sugar temporarily spikes. Excess sugar molecules bind to collagen, weakening this youth-giving protein. This process is known as glycation. Over time, this degradation of collagen leads to signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

To reduce the effects of glycation on your skin, avoid sweets and alcohol and swap out unrefined carbs (think white bread and pasta) for whole grain options.

Wear Sunscreen

UV rays are the #1 cause of premature aging. Luckily, practicing sun protection is a healthy skin habit that anyone can develop. Wear Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum every single day (even when the weather is cloudy) and reapply every two hours during more intense sun exposure.

Learn to Destress

Taking a little time each day for yourself to relax can have a big impact on your health – and your skin. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol breaks down collagen and elastin, eventually causing wrinkles.

To reduce cortisol levels and prevent premature aging, practice stress-relieving activities like meditation, journaling, or exercising for 20 minutes each day.

How do you practice healthy skin habits?