Are you making these common skincare mistakes? Improve your beauty routine this year by avoiding these skincare mistakes.

Skincare Mistake #1: Not Washing Your Face Before Bed

Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s important to wash your face every night before bed. Why? Because during the day, your face accumulates grime like air pollution and dirt (even if you can’t see it!). And since most of your skin’s cellular regeneration occurs at night, it’s essential to remove that damaging grime so your skin can properly repair itself.

Skincare Mistake #2: Never Cleaning Off Your Phone

Most people don’t realize how much bacteria their phone harbors. According to Time, your phone is actually 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Yikes! Even worse? That bacteria easily transfers to your face, whether through chatting on the phone or using your phone then touching your face. This can lead to acne breakouts (not to mention it’s just gross to think about). The solution? Wipe off your phone at least once daily with an antibacterial wipe.

Skincare Mistake #3: Only Wearing Sunscreen on Sunny Days

You probably don’t need us to tell you that wearing sunscreen is the best defense against skin cancer and premature aging. But did you know that it’s important to wear sunscreen even when you’re not actively spending time in the sun?

Most people only wear sunscreen when they hit the beach, but most photoaging is the direct result of cumulative sun damage. Cumulative sun damage takes into account all the UV exposure your skin gets, rain or shine. Those little moments of running into the store or taking a walk on a cloudy day add up over the years. So play it safe by wearing a high-quality sunscreen like Perfect Sunscreen every single day.

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Skincare Mistake #4: Ignoring Your Neck

One of the biggest skincare mistakes is ignoring your neck! Many people stop product application at the jawline. Over a long period, this can lead to a large difference in the visible skin age of your face versus your neck. Common signs of aging in the neck area include horizontal necklines and saggy, crepey skin. So if you want to prevent these signs of aging, our rule here is simple: if you would apply it to your face, apply it to your neck as well.

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