Crow’s feet, eye wrinkles – whatever you call them, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are one of the first signs of aging and can make you look older than you really are. Keep reading to learn how to treat and prevent eye wrinkles. Plus, we’ll share with you our pick for the best eye cream (and how to apply it).

How to Prevent Crow’s Feet and Under Eye Wrinkles

Developing fine lines and wrinkles is a natural part of aging, but of course we want to delay visible signs of aging as much as possible! Living a healthy lifestyle and practicing healthy skin habits is the best way to prevent under eye wrinkles from forming in the first place:

  • Wear sunscreen everyday, even if the weather is cloudy. (Need a refresher on sun care? Here’s our top sun protection tips).
  • Wear sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors during the daytime. Sunglasses keep you from squinting and protect the delicate skin around your eyes from UV rays – two of the biggest causes of premature eye wrinkles.
  • Start wearing an eye cream as early as your 20’s. Keeping your eye area moisturized and nourished will go a long way in preventing crow’s feet.
  • Eat a diet full of foods that are good for your skin like lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating excess sugar, which can cause premature eye wrinkles through a process called glycation.

How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet and Under Eye Wrinkles

If you already have crow’s feet and eye wrinkles, you can use a targeted topical treatment to reduce the size and depth of wrinkles.

Our pick for the best under eye cream? Super Eye Treatment! This luxurious cream utilizes breakthrough technology to deliver unparalleled targeted repair to the eye area. Super Eye Treatment fights all visible signs of aging in the eye area by brightening, tightening, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

The key is to use eye cream consistently. Use your ring finger to gently tap a small amount of eye cream onto your under eye, eyelid, and orbital bone in the AM and PM to protect and treat your skin.